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Item No.:V898/ 8mm
Item Name:8mm portable borescope inspection camera system with W/Color LCD Monitor
One budget borescope inspection camera
8mm borescope inspecting camera W/Color LCD Monitor

This model is easy to carry, convenient to inspect small, hard to reach places.

Main Features


- Image flip for inspecting in different angles
- Video out function for viewing in bigger screen
- IP67 waterproof level

- LCD resolution up to 960*240 clear view
- Mini camera with 1m(3ft) extended tube
- 2.4inch TFT LCD color monitor, brightness adjustable
- Brightness adjustable on lens-mounted LED light
- Light weight, handheld design, flexible, diagnose, convenient to use
- 5 useful accessories included: double hook, single hook, mirror, rubble ring, and magnet

Packing List

1.    Handle w/c monitor *1

2.    8mm camera head *1

3.    AV output cable *1

4.    Double hook *1

5.    Single hook *1

6.    Mange *1

7.    Mirror *1

8.    Rubber ring*1


Packing Measure

5pcs in one carton

1 box size: 315*204*64mm
1 box approximate weight: 407g

1 carton size: 340*335*225mm

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